Now Hiring: Graphic Designers

The job opening posted on January 1st through Hireahawk and is now open for applications.  


Or email:

The job title is: IMU GRAPHIC DESIGNER

The job code is: 64980

See position description 

A resume and cover letter will be needed by each applicant. Also a printed portfolio will be required if you're invited for an interview. (This can include fine art work, and class projects etc). If you would like to include a PDF version of some portfolio pieces with your resume and cover letter during the application process that helps us to better understand your style and if you would be a good fit for our office! However, it is not required.

We will be hiring 3 new Graphic Designers for this school year! Pay starts at $10.40 and hour and you can work 20 hrs a week when school is in session. During school breaks and summer student employees are able to work full time at 40 hrs a week. The posting will remain up for the next few months. We are also looking for talented illustrators –(please spread the word)!

We plan to start interviews in early September and hire shortly after. Knowledge of Adobe creative suite software is desired and will help you get off the ground running when you start!

Marketing + Design is a very exciting, competitive, and extremely creative place to work. The skills, teamwork plus real world project opportunities you will get here will far surpass any others on campus! 

Please apply via email or through the Apply at M+D tab to the right of the page. If for some reason you have issues applying please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you and reviewing your applications!