Katrina (Kat) Fey

Team: Graphic Designers
From: Johnston, IA
Major: Graphic Design, Journalism, and Mass Communications

Katrina (Kat) Fey


Music, Dance Marathon, playing guitar and piano, camping/canoeing/hiking, eating, sleeping, watching Parks and Rec.

Why I chose my degree

I've loved design since I was doing it on Microsoft Paint and Word as a 7 year old. It wasn't till high school where I learned that I could make a career out of what I love to do. I loved designing for yearbook and so when it came to college I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Someone once told me "the work you do while procrastinating is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life." I couldn't agree more.

My top strengths

Passionate, Focused, Motivated, Energetic, Light-hearted

What I've learned from my experience at M+D

I hope to learn what it's like to be a designer in a real world setting. Working with clients is something I really think will benefit me in the future. I can't wait to create designs that will be seen all across campus.

Plans after graduation

After graduation I hope to continue living my life the way I want, to the fullest. I want to explore the world and find excitement and passion in everything I do. Hopefully I'll get a job and eventually move to the Pacific Northwest! It's cool there.

Favorite quote

"I can. I am. I will." -My mom