Megan Lumetta


Hanging out with friends, cooking, free reading, volunteering at the local animal shelter walking dogs.

Why I chose my degree

I knew I wanted to do something with business for a long time, and I find marketing is also an outlet for creativity which is important to me. I also have always liked helping lead groups and found this worked well with management.

My top strengths

Competitive, Activator, Command, Individualization, Self-assurance. 

What I've learned from my experience at M+D

I have only been here for a short five months, but I have learned so much in that time. Along with project management and communication skills that I would not have obtained without this internship, I also have learned a lot about time management, necessary steps to achieving an impressive finished product, and how important working as a cohesive unit with all team members is. 

Plans after graduation

I hope to start a great career hopefully in marketing, and to live somewhere new!

Favorite quote

"We owe our existence to 6 inches of top soil and the fact that it rains"

Marketing & Design

Marketing Representatives

Marketing and Management