Melissa Quaiyoom

Team: Photographers, Social/Web Writers
From: Mundelein, IL
Major: Journalism and Mass Communications

Melissa Quaiyoom

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Photography, petting dogs, binge watching Parks and Recreation, exploring new places, meeting new people.

Why I chose my degree

I would've majored in people, but this is the next best thing.

My top strengths

My Favorite Strengths
- Thinking on my feet
- Being incredibly organized (ask me about color coding)
- Remembering almost everything about everyone I meet (sometimes a curse)
- Being witty, at the best and worst times
- My realistic positivity

My Gallup Strengths
1. Communication
2. Includer
3. Activator
4. Woo
5. Responsibility

What I've learned from my experience at M+D

I hope to gain experience in various aspects of Marketing and Design. Instead of being just a great photographer or a quirky writer, I want to come out being a well-rounded, creative young lady.

Plans after graduation

Travel. Work. Establish a steady, yet, spontaneous life for my dogs and I.