Kaleigh Hollister

Team: Marketing Representatives
From: Plainfield, IL
Major: Marketing Management with a Minor in Communication Studies

Kaleigh Hollister

Favorite M+D project and why?

My favorite project that I have worked on so far, was the University of Iowa 168th birthday. I worked with the client to make a 600 piece cupcake display that was the shape of Iowa. It was exciting watching the project come together and in the end seeing all the cupcakes lined up to make Iowa.


Baking cakes, drinking endless amounts of coffee, spending time with my friends, cooking, yoga, farmers markets, reading books, and drinking more coffee!

Why I chose my degree

I chose Marketing because I have always enjoyed working with others to achieve a common goal. I love being given a task and having to think outside of the box to come up with a successful solution. Marketing lets me work in a creative environment that requires lots of organization and planning.

My top strengths

Positive, bubbly, energetic, dedicated, and organized.

What I've learned from my experience at M+D

I have learned to work with a variety of different personalities that each have individual opinions and perspectives but together we are able to come up with something that is better than anything we could create on our own. The creative environment and the rush of the job is something that I love.

Plans after graduation

After graduation, I hope to move to Chicago and get a job working for an advertising agency. Throughout my time at Marketing and Design I have learned that I have a passion for account management and I hope to find a job after college where I can demonstrate the skills that I have learned and continue to build on them. I have always loved the energy of the city and I think it would be a positive environment to grow my marketing experience.

Favorite quote

"Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry"