Victoria  Yeater

Team: Marketing Representatives
From: Iowa City, IA
Major: Marketing

Victoria Yeater

Favorite M+D project and why?

Right now I am working on helping to improve the Madison St. Boutique within the Iowa Hawk Shop which I have really enjoyed because it allows me to be extremely creative but also really learn a lot about the importance of visual merchandising in a retail clothing store.


Binge watching shows on Netflix, pretending to be a photographer, and of course, hanging out with my dogs.

Why I chose my degree

I love all things related to advertising. I'm fascinated with all the details that can go into a single project and learning what motivates people to make the choices that they make.

My top strengths

1. Individualization
2. Competition
3. Command
4. Deliberative
5. Restorative

What I've learned from my experience at M+D

I've learned that no matter how stupid the question is, ask it. Also that communication with the rest of the M+D team and your client, along with great time management, is the key to a successful project.

Plans after graduation

My dream job after graduation would have to be working within the marketing team for Sephora because not only does it incorporate two things that I love, makeup and advertising, but I also think the way they brand themselves as a company is genius.