Cover photograph for CAB Rebranding

CAB Rebranding

  • Photograph of Jacob Varvel
  • Photograph of Liz Abramsohn
  • Photograph of Austin Smoldt-Saenz
  • Photograph of Dustin Quam
  • Photograph of Jonathan Solis
  • Photograph of Mackenzie DiBlasi

Art Direction

Liz Abramsohn

Graphic Design

Austin Smoldt-Saenz


Mackenzie DiBlasi

Marketing Director

Jacob Varvel

Web Development

Dustin Quam, Jonathan Solis

CAB is UI student's source for entertainment on campus! They provide a wide range of awesome activities for students every week throughout the year! Whether you’re laughing yourself silly at one of their great comedy shows, or on the edge of your seat watching one of the incredible weekend movie series, they guarantee that you’ll leave satisfied!  CAB is Entertainment DONE RIGHT!

CAB is a team of hardworking students and staff that provide a variety of activities and genres to keep students involved and connected to the University of Iowa. 

In 2014 CAB partnered with M+D to rebrand the face of entertainment at Iowa. They were looking for a fresh look that was fun, colorful and bold. They needed it to speak to students and grab their attention to gain awareness of the diverse events offered throughout the year. A new logo, website, event flyers, and swag refreshed the already popular CAB brand and continues to promote Entertainment Done Right!

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Mediums: Website, Logos, Photography, T-Shirts, Email Newsletters, Flyers, Digital Displays, Gallery Installation, Postcards, Swag
Clients: Center For Student Involvement & Leadership
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