Cover photograph for Capture Iowa

Capture Iowa

  • Photograph of Shelby Cain
  • Photograph of Molly Ryan
  • Photograph of Liz Abramsohn
  • Photograph of Jacob Varvel
  • Photograph of Emii Le
  • Photograph of Krissy Dejmek
  • Photograph of Melanie Slattery

Art Direction

Liz Abramsohn

Marketing Director

Jacob Varvel

Capture Iowa is a campus photo project that showcases life of first-year students at the University of Iowa. These students share a unique perspective as they transition in to their educational careers and use social media to share their experiences. Capture Iowa gives students a chance to share their photos and highlight everything they love about the University. At the end of each year, dozens of photos that were submitted with #captureiowa are selected and showcased in the Capture Iowa display at Calvin Hall and the IMU's Kendall Gallery.

Capture Iowa is a relatively new program for the University. Since its start M+D worked to create a logo, posters, flyers, and buttons to target incoming students and generate the excitement of freshmen year. 

The program offers a unique user experience by allowing participants to see Iowa through the "lens" of our UI students.

Mediums: Posters, Logos, Flyers, Buttons, Postcards, Backdrop, Props
Clients: Office of Retention
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