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Graphic Designer

Liz Abramsohn

Marketing Director

Jacob Varvel

Marketing Representative

Tyler Hackman

No sleep, a shortage of snacks, and some very important tests on the line - a fate many students have fallen into during the marathon of finals week. The Division of Student Life set out to prepare students for the most successful test-taking and studying experience they could have by reducing stress and providing some helpful essentials. 

Finals@IMU is a project accompanying free events for student aid during finals week. Events spanned the entirety of the week, kicking off with the Flip into Finals Week Pancake Breakfast. With something for every student, other events included Carbs & Caffeine grab and go breakfast, massages, yoga, popcorn, healthy snacks, quiet study hours in the IMU main lounge, Q&A meetings for select classes, and even therapy dog sessions. These events are designed to be accessible to students on every schedule, spanning from 6:30AM breakfast to 11:00PM coffee for those in the midst of a late night study session.

Marketing + Design created the logo and branding for all materials for this initiative including, posters, oversized calendar of events, event fliers, popcorn bags, and visix slides.

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Mediums: Posters, Promotional Items, Logos, Flyers, Handouts
Clients: Division of Student Life
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