Cover photograph for FSL Rebranding

FSL Rebranding

  • Photograph of Austin Smoldt-Saenz
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Fraternity and Sorority Life is at the center of the Greek community. They help many students to integrate and find purpose in the Greek community, learn respect, collaborate and develop leadership skills; they also provide support and structure by offering specially tailored programs. 

The Four Pillars of Fraternity & Sorority Life Include:

Scholarship: The Iowa Fraternity & Sorority community is known for high scholarship and academic excellence. Chapters maintain grade point average (GPA) requirements for membership and initiation.

Leadership: Fraternity & Sorority Life provides students with a wide variety of leadership opportunities. Members can participate within their chapters as an officer or on one of the committees each chapter maintains. There are also opportunities to become involved with one of the four governing councils for the chapters (IFC, MGC, NPHC or PHC). 

Service: Providing community service is an integral part of Fraternity & Sorority Life. In addition to community service, each chapter sponsors annual events to raise money for local and national philanthropies. 

Friendship: When alumni of Greek chapters are asked to name the most rewarding part of being Greek, most say "the friendships I gained and maintained through the years." Fraternities and sororities build a bond of brotherhood and sisterhood unmatched by any other student organization. 

In 2014 FSL partnered with M+D to update the face of their brand to better recruit a broad range of diverse students. The rebrand included establishing a hierarchy that focused on the personal student experiences and imagery. While doing this we infused brighter colors, fun patterns, banner call outs and custom pieces that included info-graphics to better illustrate their community. 

Click here to view the 2014 Joint Fraternity & Sorority Life Publication and the 2014 Family Guide.



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