Cover photograph for Homecoming 2014

Homecoming 2014

  • Photograph of Melanie Slattery
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  • Photograph of Austin Smoldt-Saenz
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Since 1912 Countless Hawkeyes have celebrated Homecoming on the campus of the University of Iowa; homecoming is a century-long tradition.  In 2014 the University celebrated with the theme, Gold & Black Take Me Back, a week of celebration that bring students, staff, alumni, and community members together to celebrate what it means to be a Hawkeye.

Annually Homecoming offers events that encourage students to get involved. Some highlights are: Sports Night, Iowa Shout, Coronation, and Game Day. A popular long standing tradition is the Homecoming parade, featuring floats from local businesses and student organizations as well as special guests.  Each year, Homecoming honors current students who show leadership, academic excellence and demonstrate exemplary Hawkeye Spirit as the Homecoming King and Queen.

Our on-going collaboration with the Homecoming begins each year with the committee selecting a new slogan. With these words our department builds a theme that communicates spirit and excitement in support of homecoming programs. The focus of the campaign is to communicate the events available to students, alumni and the community while supporting the Hawkeye homecoming tradition.

Homecoming buttons are a tradition in themselves in addition to Homecoming week.  They have become a collector’s item for Hawkeye enthusiasts around the world! This year's button featured Head Football Coach Kirk Ferentz commemorating his 25 years leading the Iowa Hawkeyes.  Check out the collection of buttons housed in the lobby of the Iowa House Hotel in the Iowa Memorial Union and on the Homecoming website!

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