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The University of Iowa is committed to developing and sustaining a healthy campus culture with specific goals to improve faculty and staff health and organizational performance through an integrated approach to health management.  Based on the demonstrated success of these early endeavors, a comprehensive health management strategy was developed and liveWELL was formally launched in 2006.

Today, many services are available through liveWELL to meet the diverse needs and interests of our campus members. Emphasis is placed on:

•  participation and engagement,

•  improvement in individual health and well-being,

•  the creation of a supportive environment, and

•  a commitment to demonstrating positive outcomes for the University.

The quarterly newsletter, liveWell, created by M+D focuses on promoting healthy choices for faculty and staff at the University of Iowa by highlighting the variety of services available to help them participate, engage, and improve campus health. To view past publication visit the liveWELL archive.

Mediums: Flyers, Magazine, Inserts
Clients: University of Iowa Human Resources
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