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M+D Rebranding

  • Photograph of Nancy Abram
  • Photograph of Sarah Lenger

Art Direction

Graphic Design

Sarah Lenger

Marketing Direction

Nancy Abram

In 2011 Marketing + Design decided it was due time (20+ years) to give themselves a brand. Our goal as a department is to provide students practical work experience that enhances their academic studies. We strive to better position them in a competitive market. M+D allows students an experience to step outside of the classroom setting and work with real life clients instead of just conceptual projects. While classroom projects offer technical skills they don't prepare students for client  interaction. When students leave they have a skill set that includes time management, client communication skills and a strong understanding of how to design to specific customer needs.

Our brand shows the synergy between marketing and design and our ongoing commitment to a student-powered agency that provides innovative design and communication solutions. 

While our main focus is to support clients in the Iowa Memorial Union, we also are hired by a wide variety of UI departments to assist them in their marketing needs and creative services.

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Mediums: Posters, Flyers, Digital Displays, Business Cards
Clients: Division of Student Life Marketing + Design
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