Stalking Campaign, 2014

The University of Iowa Anti-Violence Coalition’s main goal is to prevent and intervene with any issues of sexual misconduct, dating/domestic violence, and stalking. Recent subcommittees have focused on reviewing web resources for victims/survivors, developing policy recommendations for stalking, and creating tools to promote evidence-informed prevention education strategies.

 In particular, the Anti-Violence Coalition, in partnership with M+D, created an anti-stalking campaign. The goal of the campaign was to illustrate everyday situations and activities that are considered stalking. It included topics such as: Giving unwanted gifts, showing up uninvited, harassing on social media, and repeatedly sending unanswered emails, calls or texts.

The campaign was planned as a follow-up to stalking policy review and revision work that occurred last year; five policies were modified to include a definition of stalking. For more information and resources visit the Iowa Now Article, Stalking: Know It. Name It. Stop It. 

Liz Abramsohn, Art Direction
Liz Abramsohn, Graphic Design
Emily Hovren, Marketing
Shannon Kelly, Marketing

Office of the Sexual Misconduct Response Coordinator

Services Provided:
Posters Logos Photography Digital Displays

Date Completed:
December, 2014