Dylan  Menke

Team: Graphic Designers
From: Mt. Hamill, IA
Major: Graphic Design and Arts Entrepreneurship

Dylan Menke


In my free time I enjoy listening to music, drawing, building things with my hands, playing sports, working out, spending time outside, and hanging out with my friends and family as much as possible.

Why I chose my degree

When I came into the University of Iowa as a freshman, I was enrolled as an open-major with a focus on either engineering or art. I began taking engineering and art classes. The first few art and design classes that I was enrolled into were really what made me decide to major in Graphic Design. Art has also always been a huge part of my life, and I knew after a short period of time here at the University of Iowa that I wanted to continue in that direction.

What I've learned from my experience at M+D

I hope to learn a great amount about design, my own personal style, how to create high quality work in a set amount of time, communicating with outside clients, and how to continue growing as a better individual, and as a designer.

Plans after graduation

My future goals after graduation are to continue growing as a designer and hopefully move to the West Coast to further my passion even more in this field.